Lindsay Lohan Parties, Falls Down

While Lindsay Lohan swears that she’s working on getting her career back on track, her recent professional appearances have done little to back up her claims.

After spending last week in Hawaii to show off her bikini body clear her head, LiLo was spotted in Montreal, Quebec, hosting a party at Tribe Hyperclub on Saturday night. As these pictures taken prior to the event show, the actress looked extremely thin, worn out and, dare we say, not particularly sober? Not even her sexy, little black dress can help the situation.

The night didn’t end well for our girl either, as she took a spill on the red carpet while leaving the club. Although she was helped back up on her feet and poured into her car, LiLo later complained that her knee was hurting her.

Poor Linds. Maybe a little rest will do you some good. Especially if you check out this gallery from your wild night. Nothing like a little bit of clarity to put things in perspective.