Rihanna Bails on Dubai Concert—for Chris Brown Court Date?

Rihanna Bails on Dubai Concert—for Chris Brown Court Date?-photo

Looks like the world will be denied Rihanna's big comeback concert for a little bit longer.

Neon Limelight reports that the "Disturbia" singer has canceled an upcoming concert in Dubai—which would have been the first concert by Rihanna since her alleged February 8 beating at the hands of her former boyfriend, Chris Brown.

"We want to share with you that Rihanna and her management will not be accepting to hold a public concert at this time as it is not appropriate timing for her," Yassin Matbouly of Vibe Event Management announced.

No specific word on why the timing isn't appropriate for Rihanna, but the upcoming schedule of her ex-beau might provide a clue.

The Dubai concert was scheduled for May 28—perhaps not coincidentally, the same day that Brown is due to appear back in court on his felony assault trial.

Coincidence? Probably not.

It's hard to say what would be more entertaining—watching Rihanna perform in concert, or seeing her testify against Brown in a court of law.



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  • OhMyGAWD

    Stephanie, asdf...are you both on CRACK?! The guy hit his girlfriend! Nobody, under ANY circumstances, "deserves" that, whether they had a difficult relationship or not. I sure hope you're joking with your comments, but if not, I've got a great suggestion for you, Stephanie: the guy is still single, I hear, and if you promise not to be difficult, and also own a lot of cover-up stick, I'm sure he'd be willing to date you...

  • asdf

    I agree with stephanie...I love them both..not a great fan of Rihanna's pop music, but she does seem to be a nice person and there is no doubt that Chris is a genuinely nice person. What happened betweent them was hopefully a learning experience. I wish them both luv and the best.

  • stephanie

    well i think she deserved it they had a hard time together and she got wat she got ok i love them both but i think nobody had to deal with that picture and theirs lies out here so....