Lindsay Lohan Won't Leggo Her Leto

Lindsay Lohan Won't Leggo Her Leto-photo

Has Lindsay Lohan retreated into the arms of a former flame since her break-up with former lady-love Samantha Ronson?

E! Online reports that things got pretty heavy between Lohan and her one-time beau Jared Leto at Nylon magazine and MySpace's Young Hollywood party at the Roosevelt Hotel last night.

According to a source, Leto—who, aside from rumoredly dating Lohan a few years ago, co-starred with her in the Mark David Chapman flick Chapter 27—approached the table where LiLo was sitting with little sister Ali and made his move.

"Jared came over to Lindsay's table to get her, and then they walked into the MTV suite together," says the witness. "Inside the private suite, Jared pinned Lindsay against the wall and they looked superflirty. He was whispering in her ear, and their bodies were close together."

According to the witness, Lohan and Leto spent about 20 minutes together in a secluded section of the suite.

Sounds pretty juicy, but could there be another explanation? Maybe Jared was just telling Lindsay that she should really think about eating a cheeseburger once in a while?

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Lindsay and Leto will start hooking up again, if they haven't already?



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  • ashe30

    I think not! That damn b***!! Who becomes his girlfriend and leave in Peace Jared! Who cares about rehabilitation once and for all but stay away from Jared, because he is in another way, and Lindsay would be with the wrong path for him. Only health because he has hurt. But to stop this f*cking ***hole or is upgraded once and for all and is married to Samantha and Jared left alone, He is at his best in his career and join her crazy as he would fall into the abyss.

  • speirto

    Dated in the mid 90's? When she was 7 years old????