Simon Cowell Says Kara DioGuardi Isn’t Going Anywhere

She was out last week, but Simon Cowell says she’s back in.

Only a few days ago, Kara DioGuardi shared the news that she was almost 100% sure that this would be her first and only season as the fourth judge on American Idol. However, Simon appeared on an episode of the The Ellen DeGeneres Show that airs today, and told the audience that, Kara will definitely be back.

Not that he’s entirely happy about it. Cowell went on to express his distaste for having four judges.

“There’s less time for us to talk. One week literally we couldn’t talk, so 10 minutes before the show started they said, ‘Oh by the way you can’t talk for half the show,'” Cowell said. “It’s rather like saying in a singing competition to the singers, half of you can’t sing. It was just crazy.”

Oh, that Simon; always one to accentuate the negative.

We want to know your opinions: Do you like hearing the opinions of four judges, or do you wish they’d just stick to Simon, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson? Have your say in the comments section!