VIDEO: Taylor Swift's 'Belong To Me'

VIDEO: Taylor Swift's 'Belong To Me'-photo

Taylor Swift has been a busy girl.

After releasing a video dedicated to her mother for her single "The Best Day," the country star has unveiled yet another video for her catchy tune "You Belong With Me."

Taylor plays the nerdy girl who has a crush on her next-door neighbor, who just happens to be super-hot Hannah Montana star Lucas Till.

Check it out:

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  • ger1

    She is the best !!!!! I love her (h)

  • jenny

    Does Taylor play the hot girlfriend and the nerdy girl?

  • rachel

    ...taylor swift!!!.. u have a new song... ...pls email me.. tnx.. ..rachel!

  • samoansunshine

    Loooove it !

  • Chelsea

    OMG I love this video :] Taylor Swift is the best singer ever Love the drama and the song is amazing Lucas Till is so HOT!!!!

  • kibzaim

    i love the video, is the best, & the song is beautiful, taylor is the best

  • Christina

    HOLY sh*t! They actually kiss at the end!! The video is cute though. I kinda think that they would make a cute couple in real life. LOL. -what a crazy thought- I LOVE THE VIDEO AND THE SONG AND EVEERYYTHINGG ABOUTT IT

  • charliemurphy

    Band nerds. They love the D.

  • Marie

    This song is stuck in my head now. The video is really cute and Taylor looks good with those glasses :P