‘Wolverine 2: X-Men Boogaloo’ in the Works

Hollywood has never been slow to capitalize on its own successes, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine is no exception.

Variety reports that the Hugh Jackman-starring superhero flick, which clobbered the competition with brute financial force at the box office this weekend, has already spawned a sequel.

The sequel, which reportedly will focus on the samurai storyline that began in the comic-book series and was hinted at during the final credits of the current Wolverine flick, will be produced by Jackman’s production company, Seed Productions.

No writer for the project has been chosen yet.

Jackman’s going to be a busy guy in the coming months. In addition to the Wolverine sequel, he’s also signed on to star in the comic book-inspired Ghostopolis, about a government agent who’s tasked with retrieving a live boy from a ghost colony.

While taking in an astounding $87 million domestically during its opening weekend at the box office, Wolverine fared less well in critical circles, garnering mixed reviews.

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