Jennifer Aniston: Providing Aid and Comfort to Brad Pitt?

In Touch Weekly reports that Brad Pitt has found a familiar shoulder to cry on as he goes through a rough patch with current partner Angelina Jolie.

The magazine claims that Pitt has been confiding in his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston about the tensions that are gnawing at his and Jolie’s relationship, and Aniston—who by many accounts has never gotten over her break-up with Pitt—has offered an all-too-willing friendly ear.

The pair have reportedly exchanged text messages and had increasingly lengthy phone calls, as Pitt unspools his tale of romantic woe to his ex. Pitt even got in some face-to-face time with Aniston in New York on April 23 when, after visiting the New York set of Jolie’s upcoming movie Salt, he rushed across town to where Aniston is filming The Baster so he could unload.

“Brad confessed his feelings to Jen,” says a source. “He told her that he is trying to make his relationship with Angelina work, but it is failing.”

Hmm; any chance that Aniston, who recently unshackled herself from singer John Mayer, might try to take advantage of Pitt’s vulnerability?

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Brad Pitt is really having trouble with Angelina and seeking comfort from his ex because of it?