Jennifer Aniston Talks 'Friends' Movie

Jennifer Aniston Talks 'Friends' Movie-photo

A big screen movie worked brilliantly for Sex And The City—but could it work for Friends, which has been off the air for five years?

In a new interview with MTV while promoting her new film Management, Jennifer Aniston answered questions about the reunion that many fans would die to see.

"They do want to know that all the time," she says. "I don't think so, and if they do, they should hurry up."

She continued, "Well, it's been off the air, but you also don't want it to be that reunion show or movie where you see — like when the Brady Bunch had a reunion and they were old."

Readers, we want to hear your opinions in the comments: Would you like to see a Friends movie?



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  • friends fan
    friends fan

    I am a huge Friends fan and I totally would LOVE to see a friends movie!!!!

  • holmes

    I think that a F.R.I.E.N.D.S movie is a really good idea. The show was amazing. Never a dull moment. The Cast could probably pull it off with in the next few years, they haven't changed too much. The whole cast would have to participate though.

  • Sanchez

    god we were talking about it all day at school it is like the best show ever we definitely need to bring out a movie thumbs up from united kingdom !!!!

  • Craig

    A "FRIENDS" THE MOVIE would break all box office records!!! The cast had a special "magic" that comes around once in a life time! Henry Winkler described his "FONZIE" role as "LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE"! The cast members have done nothing significant since the show ended and would benefit tremendously by putting this project together!

  • Faisal usman
    Faisal usman

    Hi i am faisal from Pakistan and i would love to see friends movie because friends is the only show that i like.

  • esteban

    a friends movie, will be remember for ever. that is the only I have to say

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones

    i would love to see them make a movie... i have watched all the episodes and i reckon they should make more episodes its the best t.v show in the world!!!!

  • debbie


  • sevillista

    But of course, I loved this show, I would see anything with them.

  • O.

    In Poland "FRIENDS" is still famous, and we can watch this show everyday! :) I LOVE FRIENDS

  • Arnaldo

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ti

    hell yeah, i would eaven recomend doing a tv show again:P FRIENDS rules

  • Meredith

    omg i really really hope they do a friends movie! i would die for it! itll be a big sucess!

  • kcharb

    Definite yes! I know every episode, every season, every line... I could never get enough FRIENDS. A movie would be great!

  • Claudia

    I would just LOVE!!

  • jk

    How you doing?

  • maria

    I have been very huge Friends fan since year 1994. Yes, I would love to see a Friends movie!!! I agree! I have been waiting this for years and finally it's coming :)

  • Brandon

    May 6, 2004 was sucha sad day for me and the world please do a movie. stop with the rumors come on. lol.

  • john free
    john free

    Of course I want to see F.R.I.E.N.D.S on the big screen! Even on TV its gonna be great. Yes,our favourite actors got some years,but,im sure even if they are 65 years old,its gonna be as fun as it was.Crane and Kauffmann must just develop all jokes in synchrony with the age of the actors(and their heroes) and its gonna work,cause people LOVE that sitcom and they always will(in Eastern Europe,in Western Europe,in North America etc...).Also Aniston,Cox,Cudrow,Le Blanc,Perry and Schwimmer are the very best actors in the world.

  • whitney

    i would f*cking DIE to see a friends movie!!!! my day is never complete without seeing at least 1 episode of friends!! ive been watching this ever since elementry school!! love them to death!! please make a movie!!!

  • Sara

    The fans DESERVE a Friends movie, because the writers made us wait until the very end to see Rachel and Ross together (the best couple on television). We should've had the chance to see them happy.

  • kim

    I would love to see a friends movie!! But.. this for sure will be the only role Jennifer Aniston is really known for!

  • Anlgsp

    If more than someone asks, means that more than someone wants to see this movie. I agree....I would be great to do that before they get too old! :D

  • Catt

    Weird! they are too old now for God sake. Aniston was asked this yrs ago and refused because she did not want people to remember her as Rachel Green so she could get on with her acting on the big screen. If she does this she will always be Ravhel GT in all of her movies. Well she is now .lol

  • Jessie

    Heck yes!! I would love for there to be a friends movie but everyones right they should have all the same characters including Gunther and Mr. Treager!I have all 10 seasons and I watch them all the time. Friends is the best t.v show there is! I cry everytime I see the last episode:(

  • cho1918

    Oh yes please!!!!! I LOVE FRIENDS! It's my favorite show of all-time. I felt so bad when it cam to an end.

  • Paola


  • Raul

    I'm from México and we are crazy about FRIENDS in here!! We would love a FRIENDS movie, special...whatever!!!

  • victoria

    with all do respect guys.... i LOVE "friends" . this is the best tv show EVER!!!! BUT i think there shouldn't be friends the movie.

  • Amber

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a Friends movie! That is one of the best shows ever! but I agree everyone would have to be there-even Paul Rudd.

  • tess

    Of cause I would want to see a friends movie. I loved friends and it wouldn't be the same without all the same people..