VIDEO: Chris Pine and William Shatner, Together at Last!

In a twist worthy of Star Trek’s fantastical plot lines, Captain James T. Kirk had a run-in with himself recently.

Chris Pine, who stars as USS Enterprise captain James Tiberius Kirk in the new, sexed-up Star Trek movie, finally had a chance to meet legendary actor William Shatner, who played the character in the original series and its subsequent big-screen adaptations.

The date: April 25, 2009. The setting: Some sort of convention that apparently called for cowboy hats and county music. The result: Less than earth-shaking.

After Pine steps up and introduced himself, Shatner, 78, quickly tried to push Pine off on his wife. Big mistake, dude. What woman could resist the overpowering charms of Chris Pine?

Then again, maybe Shatner had to run off and film another one of those bizarre Priceline ads.

Check out the video below, and have your say in the comments section: Are you excited to check out the new Star Trek movie?