Ashley Greene: Robert Pattinson "Loves Being Single"

Ashley Greene: Robert Pattinson

And so the great debate over Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship continues.

Twilight and New Moon star Ashley Greene—who plays Alice Cullen in the vampire saga—tells OK! Magazine that, recent speculation aside, Robert Pattinson is happily unattached.

When asked about Pattinson's rumored crush on co-star Stewart, Greene replies, "I think he’s loving being single. He’s pretty much one of the most eligible bachelors out there right now. So if he was sad before [about Kristen], I think that he’s all right now."

She also adds that Pattinson is a reluctant heartthrob. "Rob's always like, 'I don't belong here, what's going on?' He's not the most sociable. He’s not one of those people who can go and talk to anyone. He’s kind of a hermit and a little awkward."

Uh, hasn't she seen the photographs from Sam Bradley's Vancouver show on Saturday? RPattz looked pretty darn sociable in them. And not particularly sad about Kristen.

Have your say in the comments section: Is Ashley Greene covering for Rob and Kristen? Or is she completely out of the loop?



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  • Leticia de silos / Brasil -são paulo
    Leticia de silos / Brasil -são paulo

    deixa ele namorar com quem ele quiser

  • Ingeyla

    dont hate on ashley or anyone on speaking up abt rob. its all da reporter's fault who was interviewing her. wenever any1 of dem r interviewed dey always talk abt rob n kristen. its da media who wont let it rest not da co stars

  • u

    wow get a brain, its not rob that kristen is attracted to, its nikki reed, pleeeaaase most people have got the clue.... kristen has a boyfriend, and she has an outside attraction to nicki, like alot of kids these days, she doesnt seem restricted to one sex. she is attracted to short stocky body types, like micheal and nikki. do some homework, look at some video. she does not love rob in a sexual way, only as a friend. get over it...


    to 'YourMom' do u know if they really are going out?we have no proof..but i do want to believe that they are going out, i mean just by looking at them u can tell that they are great for each other.

  • YourMom

    Rob's not upset about kristen anymore because he has her now. ....

  • kim90210

    she`s right though:P

  • Michelle

    Why are you asking her about Rob? I'm sure she is jus as facinating. I lust Rob as much as anyone out there, but leave his friends alone! If they are any kind of friend at all, they won't give anything that Rob doesn't want us to know. So why ask anything about him at all?

  • hobo

    She should talk about her life only. Thats only proffesional. She obviously crossed a line here.

  • lety

    robert es hermosooo!! y con kristen tienen mucha quimica!! me encantan los dos estoy esperando despertar,,ellos me sorprendieron en crepusculo,,y como lei todos los libros se que nada superara esta saga!!ahh habria que pensar en que ellos necesitan descansar,djen de perseguirlos !! si los quieren...denle paz..x lo menos hasta luna nueva!!ahhh!!robert sos un diamante!!

  • angelicious

    they are all adults. i think we should leave this topic now... blown way out of proportion! if Rob wants to date Kristen; then its his choice. IF NOT thats also his choice, why do media have to butt in people's personal lives?

  • evita1500

    Yeah, why all that talk Ashley? You could say 'I know he's single' and that's all! But I don't blsme her, they have a film to make! But this interview was probably prior to tha Saturday events!

  • slam

    I'm sure he's loving life ... and probably Kristen Stewart and whoever else he wants.

  • Why talk
    Why talk

    I don't know why she feels compelled to say anything about Robert Pattinson other than, "he is a good guy". The rest is his business to disclose or not. I figure he gets whatever he wants from whomever he wants it, but that is his business.