Daniel Radcliffe's New Pal Is a Total Drag

Daniel Radcliffe's New Pal Is a Total Drag-photo

Coming soon to a theater near you: Harry Potter and the Male Dolly Parton Impersonator?

British newspaper the Sun reports that Daniel Radcliffe—currently filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—has found a new best bud in the gender-bending form of New York drag queen Our Lady J.

Sources say that the two dined together on Tuesday, and were photographed arm-in-arm at a party last year, among other get-togethers.

Radcliffe's pal—whom he met while performing Equus on Broadway—specializes in belting out the tunes of Dolly Parton, Alanis Morissette and Nine Inch Nails, and has been dubbed "the love child of Meat Loaf and Madonna" by one reviewer. (Let's all close our eyes for a moment to savor that image.)

A friend of the cross-dressing performer offers, "Daniel is fascinated by the drag culture and is always asking questions. He went to a few shows and was made to feel very welcome."

Adds the friend, "They have eaten out together and been to parties. They have become quite close."

During a recent television appearance, Radcliffe raved about one of Our Lady J's performances, deeming it "awesome."

Sounds like the two were made for each other. But if Radcliffe is really that fascinated by drag culture, he could have just asked his former Harry Potter co-star Robert Pattinson about it. Word is he has some experience in that field.



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  • female_gun

    ha ha ha....hey Dan why don't you give your self time to find a perfect girl that's your type and not just an old ugly lady.Let me think a second...whatcha think about all your beautiful fans??(great idea hah') GOOD LUCK...

  • Anne

    I have trouble believing this because the source is the Sun, which gets things wrong about celebs, particularly Daniel, all the time. But if it is true I don't have a problem with it. Actually I think it's pretty cool.

  • danel fan
    danel fan

    well.... i think thats all WRONG . i don't believe it........[2]

  • Minnie

    This is so disgust. Why u do like this hmm. Harry

  • Jason

    I don't care what "Daniel Radcliffe" does or looks like, i'll always be "His GREATEST FAN"

  • dan rad fan
    dan rad fan

    well.... i think thats all WRONG . i don't believe it........

  • peace of all people
    peace of all people

    so what.daniel isnt afraid of other people for what they are.but anti dan fans always say somthing. what interesting right.robert pattinson all interview talk about daniel.he used daniel' fame but this article comment about robert and his fan begin angry. if you are harry potter fan you hear robert is gay humors when they shoot gof.

  • _darkprincess'08

    _i'm a huge fan of daniel radcliffe. And as of now its totally crazy. His face is so...

  • addison

    daniel radcliffe looks like a gay wanna be. dont get me wrong i used to be a potter fan, long before he started to look like this. disgusting

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Why on earth that you need to mention Rob's name?? Is that the purpose to make the article gets more hit?? Leave him alone for a second?? Probably because Radcliffe and Pattinson used to work together, and Pattinson has a history of dressing in drag, which is the subject of the article. Just a harmless joke, it seems to me.

  • M

    Why on earth that you need to mention Rob's name?? Is that the purpose to make the article gets more hit?? Leave him alone for a second??

  • Pop Warner
    Pop Warner

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Way to name drop Robert Pattinson.

  • whocares

    The tranny looks like Chris Croker.

  • Harry fan
    Harry fan

    Ugh, I feel sorry for this kid, he's getting all caught up in the seedy underbelly of celebrity and that never ends well. Hope he takes good care of himself.

  • elisilla

    hahahaha, this is so funny!... mmm. What would Harry Potter's fans think about this?