Derek Hough Might Be Getting 'Footloose'

Derek Hough Might Be Getting 'Footloose'-photo

Dancing With The Stars isn't just a career-reviving show for celebrities, the professional dancers are also getting major deals too!

Derek Hough has confirmed with E! Online that he is in talks to appear in the upcoming Footloose remake. He said, "I haven't auditioned, but I've met with the people."

The blonde dancer is no stranger to the well-loved musical, as he played Ren, the small-town dancing rebel, in the 2006 West End production of Footloose.

While he didn't say what role he was in talks to play, he affirmed, "Footloose is definitely really close to me. I would love to be a part of something like that."

Chace Crawford is also reportedly in talks to play Ren, who was portrayed by Kevin Bacon in the original movie. 17 Again star Zac Efron was originally slated to play the character, but backed out to pursue other interests.

Other actors in talks to star in the movie include Derek's sister, Julianne Hough, and Hayden Panettiere.

Man, the rumors keep coming and coming. Just let us know the cast already!

Have your say in the comment section: Do you think Derek would be a good casting choice in Footloose?



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  • kb1707

    Derek would definitely be the best choice. He is a triple threat and his dazzling performance of Ren in London got rave reviews. I've seen him dance live and on the show and seen him perform his music live. He is so charismatic, popular with fans a great dance, singer and actor. He would light up the screen. Ren is the primary role and the one you want to get right - pick Derek and find another to play Ariel.

  • Jessie

    Derek would be terrific for this part since he has done this part before. I just hope Julianne gives him a chance at this opportunity and doesn't try to get a part herself. It's time for Julianne to go back to her passion for singing and think about someone other than herself.

  • Heidi1939

    Derek would be PERFECT for the part of Ren. Absolutely perfect - you certainly wouldn't have to teach him how to dance or sing.

  • jpop

    Hands down Derek is the best choice for Footloose! He has it all including the IT factor!

  • Westin47

    I'd love to see Derek get Footloose. He's wonderful! I'd pay to watch him in anything.

  • yjl

    Derek Hough would be great in Footloose. He is obviously perfect for it. Also it would be great to watch.