Octomom: Juggling and Struggling With Motherhood

Octomom: Juggling and Struggling With Motherhood-photo

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman definitely seems to have her hands full these days. Literally.

The mega-breeder and media sensation had an outing with her massive brood in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and appeared to be seriously overwhelmed during their park visit. With a baby in each hand, it even looked like she was about to drop one of them.

Or maybe she was planning to juggle them for the amusement of the assembled cameramen.

Hey, it's a talent. Maybe Suleman should consider doing a variety show instead of a reality show.

Click through our big, big Octomom gallery and have your say in the comments section: Do these pictures fill you with pity or contempt?



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  • Jana

    To all the Nadia haters....Who cares about how it happened. It is all in the past. What is done is done... Important fact is.. Those children are alive, well and real. They need help now regardless of how many of you hate Nadia.. Point is the children are important. Why in the world would you take it out on them.. As much as you all hate her and think its all about her. It is not.. Those babies are effected. What ever way you punish her, you punish those children.

  • char

    shes got two kids in her hands, its prob not easy to support their heads wen its not only one kid.

  • Pop Warner
    Pop Warner

    Whoa! She doesn't know enough to support the kids' heads when holding them? Good grief.