Robert Pattinson, Lap Dance Connoisseur?

Sounds like Robert Pattinson’s been pressing the flesh in more ways than one while filming New Moon in Vancouver.

According to Gossip Girls, between shoots and concerts, RPattz has been hitting up local bump-and-grind emporium Brandi’s Show Lounge (pictured above), and he’s been giving more than his eyes a treat. 

A source says that, on his first trip to the strip club, he took a shine to one particular peeler named Kendra, who proceeded to give him a private lap dance. 

“She’s very pretty and very sexy,” the mole reveals. “She reminds me of Bo Derek in 10.”

Whoa; hopefully Kristen Stewart isn’t the jealous type.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Does RPattz’s strip-club visitation improve or lower your opinion of him?