Zachary Quinto: Not Very Handy as Spock

Zachary Quinto: Not Very Handy as Spock-photo

Zachary Quinto apparently really needed a hand while filming the new big-screen Star Trek remake.

The New York Post reports that the Heroes actor—who portrays legendary vulcan Spock in the film—required a lot of help, and a little adhesive, to do Spock's famous "live long and prosper" hand gesture.

Quinto "couldn't train his fingers" to perform the salute, says a source. At first, Star Trek director J.J. Abrams tried fixing Quinto's fingers into formation with a couple of rubber bands. When even that didn't work, an exasperated Abrams "glued Zachary's fingers together during filming."

Maybe that's why Quinto took Winona Ryder to Star Trek's Los Angeles premiere? After all, Ryder, too, has a reputation for sticky fingers.



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  • guest

    yes, zach can do it perfectly well, so u should have a little talk with that source of urs...

  • Martha Carrier
    Martha Carrier

    W. Ryder played Spock's Mom -- durrrrrrrrr your site's content must be written by an underpaid intern. lame.

  • gayle

    I can't do it either and I've been a trekkie all my life but my fingers refuse to seperate so I can appreciate all the hard work that he put into it. Besides I've seen him doing it on one hand so perhaps it is a problem with the other. But he made an awesome Spock regardless x

  • Halle

    Would it be a bad time to mention that I can't do it either? :-/

  • Luciana

    Oh, and this "Winona-fingers" jokes isn't fun anymore.

  • Luciana

    Oh, and he needs tapes while doing interviews, too? Because he do the Vulcan salute very well, thanks. Your source seems to be blind.