Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox's Lunch Date

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox's Lunch Date-photo

These two hotties continue to keep us guessing.

Megan Fox and her ex-fiance/boyfriend/friend/sleepover buddy Brian Austin Green were spotted out in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon. Both were dressed casually in hats, shirts, and jeans—were they trying to hide or something?

The two grabbed lunch together at Jinky's Cafe before taking a stroll in the hot, California sun, and looked shy when they spotted the lurking paparazzi.

Perhaps Green saw these sizzling Transformers 2 promos and decided that he better not let Megan get away. Because there's already a HUGE line forming...



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  • Red

    MEGAN FOX is a GUY!! haha.. lol

  • blue

    I don't like her she's full of herself and fake. Angelina Jolie is classes above her, how the media could compare her to Angelina Jolie is a joke.

  • Danny

    They make TOO much of Fox! Brian and can do Much Better!


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