Dina Lohan: Ali’s Getting (Home) Schooled

Ali Lohan has been Lindsay Lohan’s go-to-girl since her tragic breakup with Sam Ronson a little over a month ago. 

This has caused many people to wonder: how is it appropriate for a 15-year-old girl to be spending every day and night with her hard-partying sister? What about school? 

Dina Lohan has spoken out on behalf of Ali’s education, telling the Daily News, “I’m a firm believer in staying in school but, in the business, it’s gotten difficult for Ali to be in school.”

She added that traditional school is “a little tougher for Ali,”—in fact, one of the episodes of their not-so-successful reality show Living Lohan focused on how Ali was constantly bullied in school. 

As for the rumors that she takes her young daughter to clubs with her, she said they are “asburd.” ”I don’t go to clubs and I wouldn’t take a 15-year-old to one.”

We’re thinking a more appropriate second season title for their show should be “Lying Lohan.”