‘Gossip Girl’ Spinoff Is Dead and Gone

Sorry, Gossip Girl fans!

It looks like the highly anticipated spinoff show, that would feature Brittany Snow as a young Lily van der Woodsen is not going to happen. While next Monday’s episode will feature a flashback to Lily’s past and a sneak preview of what the spinoff would be, this will be the only time they will be doing so.

Nikke Finke is reporting that while the idea seemed great at first, insiders now tell her that things just didn’t work out as well as initially planned, and that spinoff plans are now dead.

The show would follow the wild and crazy Lily as she spent her teenage years in Los Angeles, hooking up with rock stars and living the life. We would have loved to have seen it!

Readers, tell us: Are you sad that there will be no Gossip Girl spinoff?