Keanu Reeves Gets Jekyll-ed

Keanu Reeves Gets Jekyll-ed-photo

Whoa; Keanu Reeves is about to get two-faced.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Reeves has signed on for a big-screen reworking of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The often-adapted story involves a doctor who develops an evil alter-ego after drinking his own potion.

The new version, simply titled Jekyll, will likely be directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (who helmed the Pusher series), and Justin Haythe, who penned Revolutionary Road, is writing the script.

Sounds promising. But can Keanu Reeves pull off two personalities, let alone one, on the big screen?

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Keanu can do a convincing Jekyll?



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  • chershire cat
    chershire cat

    Oh no ..... your not joking , his face cant express emotion

  • notaweirdo:)

    HES SOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXY and an AWESOME actor... he can totally pull it off... all his movies...well most ive seen R amazing and great KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KEANU!

  • yeahofcourse

    Of course he can! He's got a 20+ year career as an actor, which he would have if he were so 'terrible' at acting!

  • grrrrr yeah keanu!
    grrrrr yeah keanu!

    He is so-oo hot-of course he can do anything! Why are people so mean to him? He has more going for him in his little finger than brad and george and anyone else in their whole bodies!

  • ummm yeah
    ummm yeah

    Love him!! He doesn't get enough credit for his work. And WOW is he sexy as ever----step aside Brad and George.