Vanessa Hudgens and Ellen Have Girl Talk

Vanessa Hudgens and Ellen Have Girl Talk-photo

Vanessa Hudgens looked gorgeous in a pale green dress on Thursday's Ellen Show to talk about her upcoming movie Bandslam with the talk show host.

Ellen DeGeneres joked around with Vanessa about her "upcoming wedding" to boyfriend Zac Efron, to which Vanessa laughed off. She also addressed some other topics: 

On people pretending to be her on Twitter: "I don’t have one. Someone is pretending to be me on Twitter and someone told me that the person who’s trying to be me was saying that (boyfriend) Zac [Efron] got me a bowling alley. People are saying crazy things."

On her new film, Bandslam: "It’s so much fun. She’s a lot darker and introverted. Sa5m, the 5 is silent. I actually come out with a Flying V. I get to rock out on the guitar. I learned how to play for the part. Unfortunately though, the song I do in the movie is still the only song I know how to play."

Check out the full interview: 

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  • monetha hasan
    monetha hasan

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  • shiena

    your my only one idol! vanessa you so cute! and funny!

  • Charli

    OMG Tha Person pretending to eb Vanessa spelt her name wrong and spelt primark wrong

  • babymel

    beautifull girl:)

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    I am in Love with that outfit!! Where can I find the shoes in America> Any hints on the dress? So happy to have a beautiful style icon!

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    Vanessa is soo gorgeous and preety i love her!

  • thamina

    Vanessa is soo gorgeous and preety i love her!

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    so cute and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Awww i love this girl so so so much shes amazing and so very pretty :) and very funny 2

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    she's so awesome

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    Haha, she's the cutest thing ever. I love when she's coming out and Boom Boom Pow is playing. So cute. :)

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    I love this girl, she is so cute. Plus her shoes are hot