Nicole Richie: Celebuzz Mom of the Year 2009

It truly has been a life-changing year for Nicole Richie. On top of raising one of the cutest tots in Hollywood, Harlow Winter Kate Madden, she’s definitely become one of the most hands-on and inspiring celebrity moms.

Nicole is rarely seen without her right-hand woman Harlow by her side. Additionally, her boyfriend, Joel Madden, is absolutely adorable with his daughter. Both of them are constantly twittering pictures of their family and talking about how much they love each other!

It doesn’t stop there. The two of them dedicate long hours to their charity they founded together, the Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation, which helps low-income women obtain the opportunities and resources to better raise their children. Richie is such an exemplary mother that she’s even helping other women’s kids.

As Nicole gets ready to welcome baby #2 into her life (looking hot while doing so!), we can’t wait to see what the little tyke looks like! Guess we’ll have to be satisfied with checking her official site for updates on the bundle-of-joy to be in the meantime.

Please help us congratulate Nicole Richie on a fabulous year!