Kim Kardashian’s New Fitness Challenge!

Summer’s quickly approaching and it’s time to crank up the heat on those bikini body workouts!

Kim Kardashian has just announced a new contest to promote her new DVD Series, Fit in your Jeans By Friday.

She writes, “I’ve teamed up with Kitson boutique and am encouraging all you guys to put on your workout outfits, pop in your Fit in Your Jeans by Friday DVD and start working out! Just take a photo of your Monday jeans look (before the workout) and then another of your Friday jeans look (after the workout) and send them to to enter to win the grand prize drawing. I’ll be picking out the winner from the entries and the best jeans transformation will win a complimentary pair of designer jeans from Kitson hand picked by me!”

Head over to Kim’s offical site to get complete rules and instructions. 

Good luck!