Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Donate to Titanic Survivor

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Donate to Titanic Survivor-photo

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet didn't manage to keep the boat afloat in their 1997 smash hit Titanic, but they are helping the last living survivor of the original crash to keep her head above water.

Irish newspaper The Independent reports that DiCaprio and Winslet, along with Titanic director James Cameron, have made a "considerable donation" to 98-year-old Titanic survivir Millvina Dean, who's been besieged by nursing-home bills.

The donations—which go toward the Millvina Fund, which has collected $30,000 to secure Dean's financial future—came at the urging of photographer Don Mullan, who challenged the actors and directors to match his donation. Mullan has been selling limited-edition copies of a photo that he'd taken of Dean and donating the proceeds to her cause.

"I figured that if the edition sold out, it would secure Millvina for a full year," Mullan recalls.  "My plan, however, was to double the impact and thereby secure her for two years. I decided, therefore, at the opening of the exhibition, to publicly challenge James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, 20th Century Fox, and Celine Dion, to match me dollar for dollar."

Mullan is still hopeful that 20th Century Fox and Dion—who sang the theme to the movie—will come through similarly.

Dean was just nine weeks old during the 1912 wreck, and currently lives in Southampton, England.



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    Titanic Survivors

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    Yes, it's amazing NEWS! Thank YOU! You may also read about Suicide and Titanic Survivors

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    eu amor vcs do titanic esse fime é espetacula como vcs consegi faze isto em eu sou fã numero 01Leonardo DiCaprio é Kate Winslet eu amo voces vill toda ves que eu acisto o dvd eu choro eu tenho todos os dvd do titanic eu amos voces bejos:luana

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    Profit Sharing! Nice. Who is more deserving than someone who survived such a tragety

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    Wow! I just became an even bigger fan of the three :D