Robert Pattinson Has a Lady Friend

Robert Pattinson Has a Lady Friend-photo

Rob Pattinson sure loves to hang out with the ladies, even ones that are just friends.

After doing some screen testing with Emmy Rossum in Los Angeles on Saturday, Rob was spotted with a pretty brunette leaving a hotel together earlier Sunday morning and going for a walk in Beverly Hills. 

It's not what you think, people! Though they'd make a hot couple, this chick is off-limits for RPattz. She's just a friend, Shannon Woodward, who actually dates one of Rob's pals. 

We're sure he was thinking about another chick the whole time he was in LA this weekend. You know, the main brunette in his life.



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  • Robpattlover

    He's SINGLE! Lonely and single btw. Haven't you all seen his recent appearance on Ellen? He doesn't even date! It's just a bunch of rumors that's gotten out of hand. Him and kristen probably have hooked up as in sex but they are definitely not a pair.

  • love

    what kellan loves kristen idon't think so cuz kristen with rob

  • Tina

    It's so annoying that people keep speculating that they are together. People need to wake up and realize that they are not Edward and Bella, and even if some day they were to get together, they never will have that epic- FICTIONAL- relationship. Get over it people...she has a boyfriend and they are just friends!!!

  • reb

    holy, who's care

  • lauren sink
    lauren sink

    i'm gonna make one more comment....ya'll are "outa" your minds....yes i'm a southern girl...but come on.....let him be....let him have a life...let him have a little're never gonna meet him....unless u win a radio or tv competition! He's a man...just like any man you meet, but he's in the movies now...he's no different...just a little more "limelight"...but I think he is still the son that his mama and daddy gave birth to.....all u have to do is look at his precious smile!

  • lauren Sink
    lauren Sink

    I just was reading the comments....who cares if you get a lap dance....i've been places "impromptu"......what the heck....does that mean an alternate personality? I'm a female....the dancers are making money...that's what they do.....I've had males in my what....

  • Lauren Sink
    Lauren Sink

    ok people....ya'll are so frustrating!....come on's my info if you want to respond...Lauren Sink...facebook....Raleigh, NC....Leave this man alone!.....ya'll are crazy!....Let him have his life....have u got nothing better to do than to comment on a man who is as normal as you....yes...he is in the public eye...but he does have a life outside of Twilight....he's not a vampire!

  • Annakalia

    Lets just put this to rest... While on a business trip to London a couple months back, I happened to walk into a pub, and spot the one and only Rpats, singing his heart out on stage. I have been around musicians my whole life, and am also married to one. So I know how to keep my cool when meeting other musicians. However I introduced myself and talked to the all to famous Rpatz for about an hour. He is very down to earth, and at the time said he has no intentions on breaking up his co-star and really good friend Kristen Stewart and her man. So to put it straight. Just Like any other stars that work with each other, they do tend to lean on each other for support throughout filming. They are not together...

  • jade

    he's not with kristen. kristen has a boyfriend who she is in love with. Even Kellan Lutz has gone on record as saying he loves kristens bf and they make a great couple so theres definitely nothing between her and rob. he looks helluva happy but its nothing to do with kristen.

  • Caroline

    Rob has admitted that he is too busy and wouldn't want to subject anyone to all the hype,especially someone that isn't a star in their own right. I think he has found a great friend in Kristen and she with him. I only wish I was 10 years younger and single but such is life. I hope people will try to refrain from dragging his image through the mud...I believe he is genuinely too nice of a guy to have that done to him,some stars deserve it, he doesn't. I know alot of guys that get lap dances and they don't end up on the front page of a magazine..give the guy a break,he's 1 day shy of 23..what do most 23 year old guys you know do? I say leave him alone,especially when he is trying to wind down after working hard trying to make all us twilight fans a damn good movie.

  • Karro

    I don´t believe he has any time left for relationships. He is waiting for the wright one.

  • hmm

    Ever since Twilight was released he's made no secret of his feelings for Kristen. He seems so happy now that they are together. Fans should be happy for them. PRECISELY. Spot on babe. I've really noticed how much happier he is. It's so friggin adorable.

  • noah

    he is very tall, my God!! That chick is actually 3 feet tall. So yeh, not so much.

  • maria

    he is very tall, my God!! Yeah Rob and Kristen seem to make a very nice couple on the movie but i'm afraid that they are nothing more than just good friends!

  • charliemurphy

    They both look like the Unabomber in this pic. RPatz... bombing hearts and little girl panties.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    They both look like the Unabomber in this pic.

  • Annie

    Ever since Twilight was released he's made no secret of his feelings for Kristen. He seems so happy now that they are together. Fans should be happy for them.