Chad Michael Murray Chopped From One Tree Hill

Chad Michael Murray Chopped From One Tree Hill-photo

First the good news, at least for the show's fans: One Tree Hill will return for a seventh season in the fall.

Now the bad news: Chad Michael Murray won't be on it. Nor will his costar Hilarie Burton.

The CW network confirms to E! Online that both actors—who've been with the show since its 2003 debut—have been axed from the show.

While no official reason was given, both Murray and Burton have been in lengthy contract negotiations. The network says that new characters will be introduced to take their place.

Have your say in the comments section: Will a One Tree Hill without Murray and Burton be worth watching?



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  • Poetry

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  • kwilson4u

    if chad and hilarie leaves one tree hill won't be the same, the both of them have the chemistry that makes viewers glued to their tv screens

  • wunmi

    it cant work cause if lucas and peyton are not in three hill people will stop wathching

  • lauren

    that is definetly just not fair lucus and peyton are like the stars of the show and at the end of series 6 they have a baby they need to do more about that dont they AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGH

  • Ann

    i guess not av watched season 7 n 4real its boring so we need chad n burton bach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zeina

    i love one tree hill but is annoying when u start liking the charectars like luke and peyton my heart melted and i feel empathy for peyton and her situation i love one tree hill but i was depressed knowing they are gone xoxo one tree hill

  • Abigail T. Gbessagee
    Abigail T. Gbessagee

    Peyton and Lucus brought the Intensity. Haley and Nathan are the chemistry. I am a lil disapponted cuz they are gone, but for wat its worth, I am gonna stick around for nathan and haley. They rock... and oh James(Nathan ) I am your #1 Liberian Girl fan. ...

  • Teresa

    One Tree Hill without Lucas and Peyton really stinks. You need to bring them back. I was really looking forward to season 7 to see how things turned out with Lucas and Peyton and to see if Lindsay showed up. The new characters are ok but not the same with the golden pair. I am not interested in the show anymore.

  • sheilla k
    sheilla k

    man its real crap one tree hill withot chad is real sh*t they shold chill seasn seven coz idont see any big deal with out him.

  • Cw is retarded
    Cw is retarded

    The decision to ax Lucas and Peyton will lead to losing money than saving it. I understand that the actors' are expensive however when season DVD's sell at 40-50 a pop and lets say you sell a million of them, thats 40-50 million dollars. lets say that you lose half of your audience because of this decision, thats a 20-25 million dollar loss. Are you really paying that much to the Actors' per season. Have a brain, no Lucus and no Peyton equals a sh*tty show. That equals loss of profets. Good job CW

  • nan

    the show will be useless with out them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watch it because of them please bring them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Renee

    This really sucks, this will be the last season for OTH!! Lucas is the whole point of the SHOW!!

  • fan

    Show won't work without them

  • petral philps
    petral philps

    u guys cant send them away they are the life one tree hill f*ck the next season I'm done with the movie sorry.

  • petral philps
    petral philps

    u guys cant send them away they are the life one tree hill f*ck the next season I'm done with the movie sorry.

  • petral philps
    petral philps

    u guys cant send them away they are the life one tree hill f*ck the next season I'm done with the movie sorry.

  • petral philps
    petral philps

    u guys cant send them away they are the life one tree hill f*ck the next season I'm done with the movie sorry.

  • petral philps
    petral philps

    u guys cant send them away they are the life one tree hill f*ck the next season I'm done with the movie sorry.

  • Cynthia

    I remember in the first season of one tree hill when Peyton and Lucas were going through rough patches and Lucas got really close at a party at Nathan's house and Peyton pushed him away. Luke said "Ive wanted this for so long and now we can finaaly have it" I think the CW should give the watchers what they have wanted for so long, lucas and peyton to stay together on the show. One tree hill isnt one tree hill without Lucas and Peyton. THey have been together since the beginning and it should end that way. and if they kill off Lucas and Peyton, the CW might as well kill of the whole show because no body is going to watch without them. and killing lucas and peyton or replacing them will be like killing the show.... the audience will slip and so will the show. THe CW is making a really big mistake.

  • Brooke

    Lucas and Peyton are the light of the show. Without them its like snoopy without charlie brown. its not right. the only reason people watch the show is beacuse of lucas and peyton. The CW made a huge fuss about Lucas and Peyton in the 6th season so if they did that,, they cant just kill them off or replace them. I have every single season of one tree hill on disc besides the sixth season becuase it hasnt come out yet. And Lucas and Peyton are irreplacible. You cant kill off the relationship that has been the talk of the show for 6 years. It isnt right or fair. Lucas and Peyton should stay on. The CW is making a big mistake and is going to lose a lot of fans.

  • farah

    lucas is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderfull esp with payton

  • Gail O' Connor
    Gail O' Connor

    I can never understand why tv networks mess with a good thing!! This show was awesome the way it was...I say pay the stars the money and get on with it...give the people what they want and they want CMM and Hilarie Burton back!! Everwood and other cool shows were axed at the top of their game, if it aint broken, dont fix it!! Listen to your viewers pls I mean even guys liked this show, it's a good all rounder!! Such an unnecessary mess...:0(

  • Kaye-Bear

    So I think that it is sad that two of the main characters are leaving, in fact it kind of makes me wanna cry. I mean they are the main reason why I kept watching all this time. I mean the only other loves in the show that are worth anything are nathan and haley and jamie but they dont even really got anything going on anymore. I hope that all this news about them not coming back is just like a publicity stunt to try to get people to watch in august to see if they are going to be on or not and when they find out that they are still on they have that much more publicity and views (well i hope thats whats going on) if not Ill watch just to see if its good without them if not Ill be done.

  • Loyal OTH fan!
    Loyal OTH fan!

    screw one tree hill without chad n hilarie...that wouldn't even make sense at all just like a few of u said...chad IS the show! Without him, there is no show! so thnx alot for killing OTH Mark! hope yer reading these comments..then u'd no wut a huge mistake u'd be doing :) oh n btw..i root for chad n sophie..they were a gr8 couple..better than chad n hilarie !

  • evelyn

    IT´S NOT GONNA WORK how they do another season withou the main character that´s imposible. and if there is another i hope the guest stars in some episodes to expleind how lucas and peyton leaves tree hill. will miss chad as lucas scott

  • Jeanne

    I agree the show won't even be worth watching without Lucas and Peyton. I think that the fan base should stop watching the CW until they bring Lucas and Peyton back

  • donna40

    no way, hilary and chad (lucas & peyton) are one tree hill. i like all the characters of one tree hill, but without lucas and peyton i will be done watching the show, and i have never missed an episode from season one to end of season 6, how can u let them go, they are tied in to everything that happens in tree hill.....all the characters have interesting things going on in their lives, but it will not be worth watching without chad and hilary. sorry, but the idea of them leaving really sucks,,,,dont let them tree hill fan, for now

  • danielle

    From what im reading and the way the show ended , im guessing they are gonna get two new actors to take there places!!!!!!!! who's gonna replace Lucas & Peyton places? any ideas !!!!!! HELLO tell us plz.. we are all going crazy!!!!!!!!!

  • anm

    um.... very dissaponting! oth without a lucas and peyton is like a pb &j without the bread. they are the bread that hopds the show together.

  • Roger

    I am so mad I cant believe that lucas and payton are being kicked out of the show. Just pay them the same as everyone else and keep them in it. Or next year will be the last I have been watching since the beginning. I have been through a lot and OTH has always been there to help me get through the tough times, but now I don't think I will still watch it.

  • big fan
    big fan

    that is bull sh*t you cant take them off the show!!!! they are the whole show theyve been lovers the whole time. your show is going to suck a$$ with out them you might as well not even make another season aint nobody gonna watch it. they are what the whole show is about your show is gonna suck and i hope you lose all your viwers cuz im no longer watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you suck

  • Laura

    I can guarantee you, you will lose more than half of your audience because they are the two main characters that make the show. So congratulations. No new characters will replace them.

  • macy

    what the crap. this is going to ruin the whole show peyton is my favorite person on the show without them the stop just won't work. oh yeah and peyton doesn't die they just leave tree hill i was told they were coming back but there not what. i'm pissed off it's just not tree hill without the leyton.

  • WTF...???

    WTF?? Chad and Hilaire CANT GO!!!!! what da hell?? they say that there "Going to replace them"??? thats a load of BULL yaaa cant DO THAT! One Tree Hill, will neva be da same without them. there da two that makes da whole show interesting! :( UGHHHHH! this cant go on!! why da f*ck are they leavein???

  • Angela

    Isso é ridiculo!! Nao tem como fazer mais temporadas sem Lucas e Peyton. Eles sempre foram o centro d tdo. É a mesma historinha aqla q fazem com a continuação d alguns filmes, tipo 1, 2 e primeiro colocam um ator ou atriz, dpois mudam. Cara, isso é muito sem graça!!! Sempre achei interessante os episodios de One tree Hill, qdo achavamos q era uma coisa, na verdade era outra. Sempre achei isso legal. Agora ta descendo no meu conceito.

  • alavanille

    YES! YES! YES! SOMETHING NEW! ITS PERFECT! i am so sick of lucas and peyton, ughh. Dx finally! and thanl god they're keeping brooke- shes the best part of the show. :)

  • noah

    They should replace him with the Dad from "Jon & Kate Plus 8"

  • Sophie

    The CW SUCKS!!! why would you make a seventh season without lucas and peyton?!! LUCAS IS THE LEAD CHARACTER YOU F...ING A-HOLES !!! i'm so mad and i'm NOT gonna watch the seventh season! The CW you just killed a love story whether you kill Peyton or not you just can't just give Chad and Hilarie the axe just shoot your self in the foot.....Morons

  • niki

    They have to keep Peyton and Lucas on we have to see what goes on after everything that's happen. They can't leave us hanging like that.

  • Verónica

    I hate LEYTON a full! I don’t think about If this show lose ratings b/c they’re leaving the show. This tv serie have a lot of Naley fans, and the people loves Brooke so much too. I hate CMM since always, and is true, that the 5, 6 seasons are boring, but.. why? Because are ALL LEYTON. I was thinking, what this show would be named (seasons 5,6) LEYTON HILL, not one tree hill. Naley and Brooke are no boring! But Mark wants to have a Naley-marriage only. To be booring, If Nate had the fight, If Haley’s not teacher anymore. Is not fair. They need to have more action! I'll be watching this show until it will over, BUT I was and I will be always a NH fan. I hate these two last seasons (5,6) because ALL was about LP. Is not fair, If CMM wants to have more money, hey baby.. is just your problem. Your co-stars don't have the money that you have, want to be axed of OTH. PS: If Haley's back to music? :)

  • oth

    no no leave now this is so anfair

  • Shawlee

    Its a complete shame that they gotta go but honestly i watch the show for everyone. Especially for Nathan & Haley and Brooke too! I love everyone so i know i will still watch the show. I think they can play it off and continue a good show as long as they witters dont loose their talents.

  • LEI

    This is total crap. One tree hill without Lucas & Peyton is like Dallas without J.R. Ewing!!! IT DOESN"T WORK!!!!! I wondrer what would happen if this entire fan base stopped watching CW period not just One Tree hill but all of their shows? I wonder if we'd get some reconsideration then?

  • Courtney

    [quote=OTH Fan]The season finale hasnt aired yet! Its on next monday- where everyone is assuming that Peyton dies. Oh ok , thanks i forgot i did read that somewhere . idk why i thought it was the last episode i got mixed up but thank you (:

  • wtf?!

    that is such BS. the show started being centered around chad. he IS the show. i, for one, wont be watching anymore. thats so ridiculous.

  • Toya

    Well I guess it's time to stop watching one tree hill. Without Lucas or Peyton I'm done with the show sorry CW.

  • Amanda

    They shouldn't even do anymore seasons if they are going to cut Lucas or Peyton out of the show.They make One Tree Hill, One Tree Hill.

  • OTH Fan
    OTH Fan

    what the hell ?! NO ! it wont thats so ugh , depressing . its not one tree hill w/out them . & how is it that they arent in season 7 ? they have to pick up where they left off w/ the baby accident in the season finale . The season finale hasnt aired yet! Its on next monday- where everyone is assuming that Peyton dies.

  • OTH Fan!
    OTH Fan!

    The show will not be worth watching- it will mess with the story lines to much because both characters are mixed into all of the other character's lives. As far as im concerned monday is the finale for OTH, not just for the season...

  • candyhart

    AAAAAAHHH WTF?!?!?! no f*ckin way! i'm not watching the next season if they get new people to take their place. now if the CHARACTERS are leaving also, i guess i will still watch. what a heartbreaker :(

  • Courtney

    what the hell ?! NO ! it wont thats so ugh , depressing . its not one tree hill w/out them . & how is it that they arent in season 7 ? they have to pick up where they left off w/ the baby accident in the season finale .

  • Lisa

    NOOOO!! i'm thinking that peyton will die then because of the baby?!