Donald Trump Gives Miss California a Pass

Good news, topless pageant-queen fans; Carrie Prejean, aka Miss California, is keeping her title, ABC News reports.

During a press conference on Tuesday morning at Trump Towers in New York, Miss USA pageant head honcho Donald Trump told reporters that he had reviewed the topless photos that Prejean had posed for and deemed them to be “fine.”

We bet he did. Giggity.

Prejean first drew controversy to herself during this year’s Miss USA pageant, when she was offered her views on gay marriage. Shortly afterward, it was revealed that she had posed for topless photos, in seeming violation of the Miss USA pageant’s morals standards.

Not long after that, it was revealed that Prejean and her publicist had been less than honest about the circumstances of the photo-shoot.

And on Tuesday morning, TMZ reported that Prejean had posed for yet another topless photo-shoot.

But Trump has found it in his heart to ignore these transgressions, much like he came to forgive Miss USA Tara Conner for her underage drinking and cocaine use in 2006.

He’s nothing less than a goofy-haired saint, that guy.

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