Donald Trump Gives Miss California a Pass

Donald Trump Gives Miss California a Pass-photo

Good news, topless pageant-queen fans; Carrie Prejean, aka Miss California, is keeping her title, ABC News reports.

During a press conference on Tuesday morning at Trump Towers in New York, Miss USA pageant head honcho Donald Trump told reporters that he had reviewed the topless photos that Prejean had posed for and deemed them to be "fine."

We bet he did. Giggity.

Prejean first drew controversy to herself during this year's Miss USA pageant, when she was offered her views on gay marriage. Shortly afterward, it was revealed that she had posed for topless photos, in seeming violation of the Miss USA pageant's morals standards.

Not long after that, it was revealed that Prejean and her publicist had been less than honest about the circumstances of the photo-shoot.

And on Tuesday morning, TMZ reported that Prejean had posed for yet another topless photo-shoot.

But Trump has found it in his heart to ignore these transgressions, much like he came to forgive Miss USA Tara Conner for her underage drinking and cocaine use in 2006.

He's nothing less than a goofy-haired saint, that guy.

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Donald Trump made the right decision in allowing Carrie Prejean to keep her Miss California title?



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  • t

    Where in the is the ring Bey? U 2 Jay. Why get married when they both know they're a couple of industry ho's. If they ARE wed then it was set up by her mom.

  • Not stupid
    Not stupid

    These critics of Carries past, which is negligable to put it mildly, have they lived a perfect life? do they have nothing to be ashamed of in thier life? would they like thier employer to dig up thier past and 'split hairs' about it then give them the 'sack' would have this woman treated in this way but would scream 'blue murder' if far less was done to you... shame on you and on those who have done this to Carrie..., treat and speak of her how you want to be treated and spoken of...

  • Not stupid
    Not stupid

    Its not surprising that Carrie was stripped of her title. They could not do it openly just based on her comments, which would have been discrimination against her beliefs, so they split hairs to find a way of doing it with the appearance of a justification. Lewis-Trump make out as though this was something ‘unacceptable’ she did they were‘forced’ to do, however, Mr Trump-Lewis, we are intelligent and can read between the lines, and will not be fooled by these kinds of ‘tactics’. You got rid of her because she was not serving your political and associated interests and those of whom are with and behind you….simple… How the runner up can assume this position and feel falsely a winner would be inconcivable, and if she has character, she should turn down the offer to take Carries place in protest, addtion, who cares about the dicriminatory attitudes of Moakler and the like...they are so predicable is nauseating, digging up whatever they can ie: photos that can hardly be described as anything resembling nudity dug up as 'dirt' against her...I bet if we looked into the accusers and critics against her lives, we could dig up a whole lot more....

  • Beatrice Lane
    Beatrice Lane

    of course they are what a dumb question

  • noah

    Ha, you said "va jay jay"

  • cuddles

    She SUCKS & so does Trump!!!! Get rid of her! She's a f*cking *va jay jay*!

  • noah

    The Donald's spray tan is utterly ridiculous. His image consultant should be shot.

  • kyuubi

    This is Tara Conner all over again, The Donald is loving this...