Michael Phelps Parties With Miss California

Michael Phelps Parties With Miss California-photo

Miss California Carrie Prejean definitely parties hard if she's hanging out with Michael Phelps

After Carrie's grandmother told the media that the controversial blonde was dating the Olympic swimmer, Phelps spoke out publicly denying the claims. "I'm not dating anybody. I'm single. My private life stays private."

Now, photos have surfaced on The Dirty showing the Miss USA runner-up partying in a bikini with the swimmer. One photo even shows Phelps showing off his firm booty in a speedo, as Carrie poses next to him, mouth wide open.

Check out the pics for yourself and let us know your thoughts on Carrie and Michael in the comments. 



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  • Michael Praise
    Michael Praise

    Its very good for one to be ambitious,to plan and work towards his life ambition.every body is as free as damsel to develop her breast where she chooses while some are like a young fool carying a cacas of an elephant on their head yet stil striving to kill a grasshopha with their legs.think about and reason well.

  • katie

    Comments? OK She's gorgeous, he's about average. And anyone who adds some kind of moral judgment about these two people, for or against EITHER side is beyond stupid. Beyond. Stupid.

  • blahh

    ok.. that's not him in the speedo picture. Clearly. Not. Him. (nor is it a firm booty)

  • Halia

    World Swimwear has that bikini on sale.

  • hnoel79

    To those that say she isn't spewing her "Christian values".....why is she so focused on doing things for NOM instead of focusing on her charity work. Gee, who would Jesus hate? I'm sick and tired of the bigotry from right wing idiots.

  • charliemurphy

    I heard there were private photos of her smoking his bong!

    And yes, by 'bong' I really mean penis.

  • Ron

    I am so tired of right-wing ultra conservatives preaching their morality to everyone, and then having more skeletons in their closet than Lindsay Lohan. Let’s break this down biblically. I grew up in an ultra conservative household and I know that modeling and beauty pageants aren’t exactly God’s work. Not to mention modeling topless. There are far more moral paths to accomplishing God’s work than entering the Miss California and USA pageants. Fine, you want to stick to your values on the sanctity of marriage, then let’s outlaw divorce. Marriage can’t be all that sanctimonious if you can do it 3, 4 5 or more times in your life until you finally settle down or give up. How does two same-sex couples wanting the same human rights that she has going to affect her, her family, her church or her country? I am so tired of right wing ultra conservatives preaching their morality to everyone, and then having more skeltons in their closet than

  • Noah Lieske
    Noah Lieske

    Bad choice for both of them. Noah Lieske

  • Jessica

    Ok: She can say what she wants but give me a break, she is no christian model from what I see. She looks like a hard drinking party girl who self promotes herself and is a hypocrite.

  • Michelle

    Spewing her values all over the media? She was asked a question which asked for her opinion and she answered it honestly. Then all of a sudden people accuse her of being a homophobe and call her the b word and c word. I think she has the right to defend herself without being accused of being an attention hog. Also, do you even know what her values are? Or did you just see the word "Christian" somewhere and assume that she was hypocritical, self-righteous and stupid? She has stated in her interviews over and over again that she is not perfect and is far from perfect. There seems to be no way for a Christian person to be respected. If she seems perfect, then she's self-righteous, prideful and tries to put others down. If he/she isn't perfect, then she's a hypocrite. Which way is it? Stop assuming that all Christians are judgmental and narrow-minded. Try to open your own mind a little first.

  • Mike

    If she wasn't trying to make herself out to be the covergirl of virtue and Christian values these pics wouldn't be newsworthy. Since she claims to be a devout Christian and is spewing her 'values' all over the media, then she should be worried about how these portray her image. Personally, I couldn't care less about her or any of this 'controversy'. If the media wasn't harping on this daily she would've already faded into oblivion.

  • keen

    I don't blame him for denying her, I would be embarassed too!