‘New Moon’ Is So Trashy

Wow, this one could have turned out bad. 

The Associated Press reports that Casey Ray, a St. Louis beauty salon owner, stumbled upon the script to New Moon in the trash outside of a hotel. Ray was waiting for her fiancé to finish work when she saw the script for the highly anticipated Twilight sequel, as well as the script for the upcoming Robert Pattinson romance Memoirs

While the source of the scripts has not been confirmed, actress Anna Kendrick, who is involved in New Moon, was staying at that hotel working on the George Clooney movie Up in the Air. Her rep is claiming that she wouldn’t have left the scripts at the hotel.

Ray admitted that selling the script to the tabloids did cross her mind, but she ultimately decided to do the right thing. Her lawyer Al Watkins said, “My client didn’t really want to get paid,” however, she would be interested in having the scripts as keepsakes.

In appreciation, Summit Entertainment has offered Ray invites to premieres for both of the films, deservingly so. Summit spokesman Paul Pflug said, “Summit doesn’t comment on any of the deals it does. We thank Ms. Ray for doing the right thing.”

What would you have done if you found the script? Be honest, and let us know in the comments!