Sam Lutfi To Pay Britney $123,000?

Osama “Sam” Lutfi might want to pick up some extra work—it sounds like he might be in for some lean financial times.

People magazine reports that Britney Spears’ legal team is asking a Los Angeles court to make Lutfi pay up $123,142 to cover legal fees.

Spears’ team obtained a three-year restraining order against her former manager Lutfi last month, and now they want him to compensate them for the effort. Lutfi has been locked in a drawn-out legal battle with Britney’s father/conservator, Jamie Spears, for control over Britney’s career. In earlier court proceedings, the elder Spears characterized Lutfi as a “predator.”

Spears’ lawyers are also seeking $129,922 from attorney Jon Eardley and $72,292 from Britney’s former boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. Both had been working in concert with Lutfi and both, like Lutfi, were ordered to keep their distance from the singer.

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Photo Source: Images