VIDEO: Amy Winehouse Attempts Performance, Fails Miserably

Amy Winehouse was the headliner at the 2009 St. Lucia Jazz Festival on Friday night. Stumbling around on stage in a short, blue dress and drinking booze from a cup, the five time Grammy winner looked and sounded simply frightening. 

The News Of The World reports that ”She kept ordering roadies to bring more drinks, despite appearing to be on the verge of collapse, clinging to her microphone stand for support. Then she began shouting at her backing singers for playing songs she’d never heard of — until they reminded her she wrote the tracks herself.”

She mumbled the words to one of her songs with her BACK to the 3,000+ crowd. 

She also screamed at the backup singers for playing songs she’d never heard of, before they informed her that she wrote the tracks herself.

Oh, that’s not even all. Amy apparently decided she was over it halfway through her set, and abruptly walked off the stage, without even attempting to sing her #1 hit “Rehab.”

The following day, Amy’s people blamed bad weather for Amy’s “performance.” However, later they changed their story, claiming that Amy was going through an emotional time because she misses her druggie ex, Blake Fielder-Civil. A spokesman said: “It’s the first time Amy has sung those songs for a long time. They brought back all her memories of her Blake.”