America’s Next Top Model Contestant Experiences Miracle Pregnancy

Tyra Banks truly is a miracle worker.

First she helped Cycle 12 contestant Isis King fulfill her dream of gender reassignment

And now, it seems, her healing presence has helped to restore a Cycle 12 aspirant’s fertility.

America’s Next Top Model contestant Tahlia Brookins appeared on The Tyra Banks Show on Wednesday  to inform her former mentor that she’s pregnant, despite the fact that she’d been told several times in the past that she would never conceive.

Brookins, an 18-year-old resident of Phoenix, Arizona, is a burn victim whose injuries were supposed to prevent her from ever bearing a child.

“I was told multiple times over and over that I couldn’t get pregnant just from my scars holding me back, other physical things going on with my body,” Brookins told Banks, according to Us Magazine. “I was always told I was never going to be able to conceive children.”

What’s more, the pregnancy has brought Brookins and the father’s child—her ex-boyfriend and AMC Theaters employee David Michaels Jr.—back together, after the two broke up following Brookins’ elimination from the show.

“Yes, we have complications we are working through right now,” Michaels tells Banks, “but I know we will be able to get through it as a couple because we both still are in love.”

Oh, Ty-Ty, you’ve done it once again!

But Banks wasn’t content to improve Brookins’ life by merely giving her the gift of motherhood and reuniting her with her true love—she also bestowed the mom-to-be with a stroller, onesies and baby blankets to help prepare her for the blessed arrival.

Sigh; is there no end to Tyra Banks’ generosity?