Cindy Crawford: Butt's Happening!

Cindy Crawford: Butt's Happening!-photo

You know the best thing about Cindy Crawford? She looks as good going as she does coming.

The legendary model proved once again why she makes the big bucks on Tuesday, donning a bikini and hitting the beach in Los Angeles to film an Australian TV commercial, probably for some sexy new brand of vegemite.

The commercial was being directed by renowned photographer James White, and Crawford's brunette locks were styled by Chris McMillan. But it's pretty obvious who the true talent was here.

Even at 43 years old, it's obvious that Cindy Crawford has great things ahead of her. She's got something pretty special behind her, too.



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  • bill  moore
    bill moore

    hello, it's a roast.. the whole point is to tease and poke fun at whoever was there and even involved in any way... were they even there? who do they think they are? i mean come on now its not the 90's anymore. and even so i would hardly call them celebrities.. almost anyone whos ever heard they're names only knows them from full house and they were little children for that... now they just look like coke heads. they're not children anymore so the need to jus bend over and take it like grown

  • Always like Cindy
    Always like Cindy

    She is a beautiful woman, but does not look good from this angle and does not compete with younger models.

  • Cindylover1969

    My favourite of the several comments pointing out the writer's twisted priorities - "Cindy may have dated washed up 90’s actors, but at least it was in the 90’s." LOL!

  • stallown3d

    Great quote from on this story:

    "Megan Fox could be dead for 12 hours and I would still rather go down on her than do it with today's Cindy Crawford."