Melissa Rivers: Celebrity Apprentice Isn't Rigged

Melissa Rivers: Celebrity Apprentice Isn't Rigged-photo

Sorry, reality-TV conspiracy theorists; despite what some of you might have to say, Melissa Rivers—whose mother Joan Rivers beat out poker pro Annie Duke on Celebrity Apprentice earlier this week—says the show's results aren't fixed.

"Oh God—it's not fixed at all!" Rivers tells OK! Magazine. "Trust me."

In fact, Rivers—who competed earlier on in the season before getting eliminated—says that the results are unpredictable that she'd get a little nauseous when going into the boardroom. "I think that my throwing up before going on [to be judged by Donald Trump] proves that we didn't know what was going on," Rivers recalls. "It's like when I watch my favorite teams during play offs—I get a little queasy. I was eating a lot of Tums last night."

Just as, no doubt, a lot of other people were feeling sick after watching the season finale.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you believe Melissa Rivers when she says that Celerity Apprentice isn't fixed?



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  • Vanessa

    I strongly agree the human body is nothing to be ashamed of. It was just a very brief exposure done with good taste. The girl is very sexy anyway you put her.

  • Riley

    Who rights the horrible "articles" on this website? It is honestly pathetic. "Sorry, reality-TV conspiracy theorists; despite what some of you might have to say" Then you go on to quote Melissa Rivers. You are going to prove your point by asking someone who many believe to be in on the fix?!? What the f*ck do you think she is going to say? Yea, it was fixed and we completely didn't deserve it. Haha I mean it is literally some of the dumbest logic I have ever come across. I'm at a loss for words. Furthermore, using the 3 out of 5 criteria judgment is the biggest crock of sh*t. You can't even begin to quantify celebrity and if you were Trump would be the least qualified candidate to judge it. I mean just look at the cast he assembled for the Celebrity Apprentice in the first place.

  • Paul

    The fix was in since the first challenge. As has been pointed out, Joans charity has a trump on the board of directors, she's getting a show produced by Mark Burnett.. she didn't win three out of five challenges, because she didn't have real celebs, just look alikes. How is that meeting the criteria for that portion.. Duke had olympic stars, a world famous boxer.. Rodman in drag....

  • paul

    Donald Trump's sister-in-law Blaine Trump is on the Board of Directors of Joan Rivers charity. Rigged? - Defense Rests -

  • Rick

    It's pretty obvious from the start it was fixed. Trump fires anyone who even insinuates they want to quit and Joan ACTUALLY quit TWICE!

  • Nancy

    I believe the show is fixed; I figured Joan Rivers would stay till the end.

  • Jil

    Try as you may, we all turn into our mothers. So buch up and get on with it.

  • Not Fake but Fixed
    Not Fake but Fixed

    Melissa Rivers was in on the deal. Why do you think she was so angry at the producers when they fired her? "Don't worry Melissa, it's all part of the plan." "Your mother will win because we're setting her up for her own show that we are also producing." "Take it easy Melissa, do you really think Donald will not pick his hometown charity? C'mon." Too bad. I wonder if the other contestants were in on the deal. Sounds like an investigation is in order.

  • Kelli

    The show my not be fake but Joan Rivers is, her entrie face is FAKE and I can't beleive anyone would hire someone with a mouth that nasty, someone needs to wash it out with soap. She was what she called Annie "Lower than White Trash"