Ty Murray Gets the Boot From ‘DWTS’

Move along, cowboy; you done danced your last two-step.

E! Online reports that rodeo pro Ty Murray is the latest hoofer to get eliminated from this season of Dancing With the Stars.

Murray—who’s wife, singer Jewel, bowed out of the season due to injuries before it even began—suffered a black eye and a dislocated rib while participating in the show.

The bull-rider remained gracious in defeat.

“I got a whole new respect for what these guys do, it’s so hard,” Murray said after the results were revealed. “Trying to teach me to dance is like trying to teach a blind guy to paint.”

Now that sounds like a reality show! Network execs, are you listening?

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Ty Murray deserved to be eliminated, and who do you think will win this season of DWTS?