UPDATE: Paris Hilton Denies Responsibility for Vandalism Spree

UPDATE: Paris Hilton tells E! Online that neither she nor any guests at her party had anything to do with the vandalism that occurred early Tuesday morning. In fact, she claims, the party was at her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt’s house, and her own vehicle was damaged by the vandalism.

“This is ridiculous,” Hilton says. “We had nothing to do with this. My blue Bentley was egged and I even filed a victim’s report.”

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department seems to back up her claim.

“Neighbors called Monday night because of the noise,” says the police mouthpiece. “A little later, there was another call from owners of cars that had been vandalized in that same vicinity, so officers ended up going out a second time.”

Hilton goes on to say that it was paparazzi causing the commotion, not her party guests, and a source says that only a few friends had shown up to Reinhardt’s place to play poker.


“There were probably five guys there,” says the source, who adds, “It’s not possible that they egged cars. There was no food in the refrigerator.”

A source close to the couple thinks the paparazzi could be responsible for the vandalism.

Paris Hilton is already proving to be a bad neighbor in her new digs.

TMZ reports that the heiress—who just moved into a new place in the Hollywood Hills—inadvertently sparked a vandalism spree when she threw herself a “welcome back” party on Monday night. (Hilton had recently been canoodling with her beau Doug Reinhardt in a secret exotic locale.)

According to reports, the blow-out raged on until 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning, prompting Paris’ new neighbors to call the police and complain about the noise. When they woke up the next morning, the nabes left their homes to find that about six cars—including two Bentleys, two Maseratis and (ouch!) a $1.4 million Bugatti Veyron had been keyed and egged.

Cops are investigating, and have interviewed party hostess Paris—though apparently she’s been ruled out as a suspect.

If egged luxury cars were involved, though, police might want to ask whether Lindsay Lohan was one of the party guests.