Gerard Butler Charged With Battery

Gerard Butler Charged With Battery-photo

Gerard Butler could find himself in hot legal water soon.

Us Magazine reports that the 300 star has been charged with misdemeanor criminal battery, stemming from "an altercation with a photographer" on October 7, 2007, during which he allegedly hit the paparazzo.

Butler was leaving the Crown Bar in Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning, following the premiere of RocknRolla, when he allegedly punched the photographer in the lip several times as he was climbing into a limo.

Butler could face six months in jail if found guilty.

His arraignment is scheduled for June 10.



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  • bontybahr

    Paparazzi are like the pest for actors. I mean obviously we want to know about them, but not at the point where their lives become miserable because the only time they have some privacy is when they go to the bathroom ... and even then! anne of green gables dvd set

  • face facts
    face facts

    This is not what happened? Why is it that people who call themselves "journalists" can't seem to get the facts straight? This pap couldn't seem to content himself w/photos taken at Crown Bar of the after party. He felt he had the right to stalk and chase Butler in his limo, which he did for close to an hour. During this time according to eyewitnesses he ran red lights and generally endangered not only other drivers but pedestrians as well. At this point Butler had the limo stop and that's when he got out and had the altercation w/the pap. If this guy was so bent about getting photos, then where are the pics he took? There aren't any b/c you can't take pics and drive at the same time. And Butler won't get 6 mos, he'll likely get the min, which is $2k fine and maybe pay doctor bills. Frankly I think instead of charging Butler the state should charge the pap with stalking and reckless endangerment. They should give Butler a free star on the Walk of Fame for doing society a service by hitting the pap. This stuff needs to stop.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Is it really a crime to pummel a paparazzo?