Jennifer Aniston Is Finally A Mom

Jennifer Aniston Is Finally A Mom-photo

Well, in her new movie that is.

Here's Jennifer Aniston on the set of her new film The Baster in Brooklyn on Wednesday, holding her very own kiddo. In the movie with Jason Bateman, Jen's character turns to a turkey baster in get pregnant.

The 40-year-old looks right at home with a kid on her lap, and seems to have the maternal touch. It's too bad every guy she meets turns out to be the wrong one.

Check out the gallery to see all the pics of Jen on the set of The Baster.

What do you think: Will Jen ever get her very own little one?



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  • the prophet
    the prophet

    How many more men have to dump her before the possibility is considered that they are not each at fault but that the problem is her megalomania and immaturity.

  • supahshawty

    Yeh thats the only way she will have children, in a movie..