Miley Cyrus’ Lawyers Fire Back in Photo Lawsuit

Miley Cyrus may have  already apologized profusely for her seeming photo blunder earlier this year, but if the Hannah Montana star’s legal team has its way, financial reparations won’t be forthcoming.

E! Online reports that Cyrus’ lawyers issued a challenge on Tuesday to a $4 billion class-action lawsuit filed against their client earlier this year, after a photo of Miley pulling her eyelids back with her fingers emerged on the Internet.

Southern California resident Lucie J. Kim filed the suit on behalf of Los Angeles County’s entire Asian-Pacific Islander population, claiming that the photo was racially insensitive and financial damages are in order.

In their challenge, Cyrus’ attorneys assert that Kim’s suit is based on a civil-rights statute pertaining to equal access to public accommodations, and Cyrus’ pocketbook doesn’t count as such. Their filing says that Kim’s lawsuit doesn’t entitle her to “redress for racial insults.”

Not that they’re admitting that Cyrus was being racially insulting. The lawyers go on to state that their client “did not intend to discriminate against Asian-Pacific Islander descent.”

After the photos were leaked, Cyrus attempted to quell the outrage by claiming that she was merely making “goofy” faces.

A hearing on the motion to dismiss the suit is scheduled for June 4.

In the meantime, have your say in the comments section: Do you think Miley should be made to pay for her “goofy” photo?