UPDATE: Lindsay Lohan’s Home Invader Was Caught on Tape

TMZ reports that someone definitely did try to break into Lindsay Lohan’s house on Tuesday afternoon, and the culprit was captured on survelliance tape.

Apparently, the tape shows a man jimmying open Lohan’s back door. The would-be home invader—who was accompanied by a getaway driver—took off when the alarm sounded.


Does anyone know if Samantha Ronson has an alibi for Tuesday?

Could the reported break-in at Lindsay Lohan’s house on Tuesday actually have been the work of overzealous paparazzi?

That’s what LiLo’s neighbors are suggesting.

Police responded to a call from Lohan’s alarm company at approximately 3 p.m. on Tuesday and discovered evidence of a break-in in the form of pry marks on the back door and signs of tampering with the window. (They also found evidence that Lohan isn’t the best housekeeper, too.)

But now those who live near Lohan tell Radar Online that the damage quite possibly have been caused by professional photogs eager to get a scoop.

“They bashed the camera outside her house and punched two large holes in her hedge to see if she was around,” one neighbor claims. “The photographers are always hanging around and they know when she is in town or not, so, they could have easily tried to break-in.”

Even more surprisingly, despite Lohan’s sometimes volatile behavior, her nabes say that she’s not too terrible to live near.

“I know she gets a poor reputation but the truth is that she’s not that bad a neighbor and pretty much keeps herself to herself when she is at home,” says one neighbor. “We have seen her mom and sister at the house and they like to sit out in the back garden which is secluded from the street and hidden away from the photographers.”

Sounds like they hardly even notice when she’s around—and, as thin as Lohan’s gotten recently, they just might not.