VIDEO: Janice Dickinson Is Outta Control!

VIDEO: Janice Dickinson Is Outta Control!-photo

Oh dear! This may beat yesterday's crazy paparazzi video of the homeless lady protecting Katharine McPhee.

Janice Dickinson had quite an eventful night at Hollywood's Nobu restaurant on Wednesday evening. After perhaps imbibing a few too many drinks, the supermodel got into a hilarious scuffle with the waiting photographers. She even attempted to hit them with her scarf!

Ouch! Check this out for yourself (Warning: LOTS of swearing):

Who knows why she got so rowdy? Perhaps hanging out with Speidi will do that to a person. Yes, definitely.

Click through our hilarious gallery to see tons more pictures of Janice acting a fool outside of Nobu.

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  • JesusHumper

    I think it would be funny if when she was trying to hit one photographer, another one snuck up behind her and tried have sex with her unannounced. I mean, I think that is a fair trade off...and she is wearing a dress. It shouldn't be that hard to get up inside her naughty bits. Especially while she's distracted...and drunk.