Jamie Campbell Bower Joins Harry Potter’ Cast

If you don’t know who Jamie Campbell Bower is, he’s becoming sort of a HUGE deal in the acting world. 

Bower recently joined the mega-successful Twilight franchise as the frightening Volturi vampire Caius in New Moon. He’s currently about to head to Italy to film the majority of his scenes. 

Now, the pale-skinned 20-year-old has been confirmed for the final two Harry Potter films. After many months of rumors, his manager confirmed to the French Harry Potter site L’ Univers de Harry Potter at the Cannes Film Festival that Bower will be playing Grindelwald in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows films.

The film is currently being filmed on the English seacoast. If you don’t mind seeing spoilers, check out our on-the-set pictures from the movie set. 

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