Jorge Garcia Channels John Belushi

Jorge Garcia Channels John Belushi-photo

Looks like Jorge Garcia is getting lost in another role. With the current season of Lost finally wrapped up, Garcia can set aside Hugo "Hurley" Reyes for a while and focus on other, and perhaps more challenging, parts.

Such as a modern-day samurai warrior.

Garcia spent Thursday helping a buddy out by donning a samurai outfit and sword and tying his hair into a topknot for his pal's film project. All done up in the warrior getup, the beefy actor couldn't help but bring John Belushi's famous "Samurai Delicatessen" Saturday Night Live sketch.

Check out the video below and compare for yourself:

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  • Nathan

    Has he been taking samurai lessons frm Belushi?

  • triplehgirl

    he wasn't suck on the island for years, watch the show and he was only on the island for a few months. hurley got recused went back to the real world for three years and then back to the island which he hasn't been on long since being back. leave his weight alone i love him

  • fatty

    Hurley's supposed to be stranded on an island for how many years? And the tub still hasn't lost any weight? Ridiculous. I guess fame and maybe fear of heart disease hasn't deterred Jorge from putting down that twinkie.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Jesus Christ, fvckers did a lot of drugs in the 1970s....