Lindsay Lohan Promises to Be Good This Time

Is Lindsay Lohan’s new boss trusting, or naive?

Kent Harper, the producer of LiLo’s upcoming film project The Other Side, tells People magazine that Lindsay assures him that she’ll stay on her best behavior for filming—and he actually believes her!

“She said, ‘I’m going to turn down a lot of other work right now. I really want to get serious.’ She said, ‘I’m committed. I’m not going to be late. I’m really, really excited about doing this and working with these other actors,'” Harper enthuses. “So we’re excited.”

Adds Harper, “I believe where she’s at now with her commitment to the art that she’s going to be phenomenal and I’m not worried whatsoever. Now if anything happens, you just handle it as it goes.”

Perhaps Harper should have sought references from some of Lohan’s previous employers—such as Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson, who famously called her onto the carpet for her diva act while filming Georgia Rule.

Nonetheless, Harper is confident that, when filming for the movie begins in October, things will go smoothly—even if LiLo’s party-girl side should decide to assert itself.

“I’ve had bigger fish to fry. I’m not even concerned,” Harper claims. “You deal with that when it gets closer to shooting anyway. It’ll be something that will be dealt with. I’m positive it’ll all work out.”

Well, that makes one person who believes so, anyway.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you think Lindsay Lohan can pull her act together this time?