'One Tree Hill' Season Finale: Behind-the-Scenes Video and Spoilers

'One Tree Hill' Season Finale: Behind-the-Scenes Video and Spoilers-photo

Everyone already knows that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton won't be returning on the next season of One Tree Hill, but there are still plenty of questions left to be answered about the Season Finale, "Remember Me as a Time of Day," which airs Monday night.

One Tree Hill creator and executive producer Mark Schwahn isn't spilling any details about the season-ending plot, but he did assemble a behind-the-scenes video of the filming of the final episode, featuring Austin Nichols, James Lafferty, Lee Norris and the rest of the cast offering their thoughts on the experience. Check out the video below:

Not enough? If you don't mind having the season finale ruined for you, One Tree Hill Blog offers a bunch of spoilers on the episode. Click at your own discretion.

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think will happen on One Tree Hill's season finale?



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  • Poetry

    I will immediately snatch your rss feed as I can not find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you've any? Please allow me recognise in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  • molly1982

    i dont think that they should leave the show. its not the same without them coz they are the main part of the show. although they are gone ill still watch the show!! xx

  • brandi

    Now that's not cool they leave in all it's horror to me crushing my heart Peyton and Lucas is why i watch the pimping show it's totally sad there leaving :(

  • letmeguess

    peyton didn't die dont worry but chad and hilarie are going to leave the show in season 7 james lafferty say's that maybe they will come back we dont know or maybe chad will comeback and not hilarie so as i know there is an actor euh...i forgot his name he will maybe play lucas scott in the seven'th season of one tree hill dont worry guys the end of the 6th season is happy and the 7th season is great....we will have fun no thing will gonna change we will love this season so much or maybe more than the other season's.....................

  • Rosalie

    It is sad that chad and hilary are leaving but i watch the show because of James and Joy. HUGE JOY FAN OVER HERE! but hey, Mark Schawn is so talented and i know that it will continue to be the best show out there!

  • shanna

    I think it is sad that the brilliant show my fav will most likely end now. It lacked that edge this past season, but it was still good. Without Lucas being the voice and poetic mind and Peyton's strong will to go on it will ruin the show! Thats just a shame! I have never missed an episode and find even the reruns to be a calming and relaxing part of my day.

  • aygulllllllllll

    ıts horrible.where is hil and chad? I think oth would be suck without they......

  • jacqueline

    i can not believe that chad and hilarie are leaving,i love that show lucus and peyton are my favorite characters.that show is my favorite show i have watched it since day one. and im addicted but if lucus and peyton arent on it i dont know if i will be able to watch season 7 or not.

  • Jeanne

    I do not want to see Chad and Hilarie go. They are so great together on the show, they are the reason I watch the show. I hope that they change their minds and stay, the show will not be the same without them.

  • donna40

    i dont want to see hilary and chad (lucas & peyton) leave the show, although i like the other characters, lucas and peyton are the reason i watch it,,,i dont think i will even be able to watch season 7 without hilary and chad, actually i know i wont, it just wont seem like one tree hill, and right now it is my fav show, i have watched every show of every season and it will be terrible if hilary and chad have to go. a true fan of one tree hill

  • tina

    I don't want to see Hilary & Chad leave the show. They're the reason I watch it in the first place!!! Is it for sure that they're off the show?

  • Nada

    Peyton will survive and the baby is going to be fine and so will chad that im sure of but My expectations are rather pessimistic about how they leave the show : i suspect that chad and hilarie will die after their baby is born in a car crash or whatever and the baby will be left for brooke ... implausible though :p Cant wait to watch the finali :D

  • Saoirse

    Peyton does'nt die. remember she gets cancer and nearly loses the baby. but she survived! :)

  • Pl

    where it says that Peyton dies i did not see that..?

  • Vicky

    dont want hilarie and chad to go. :( already know peyton dies but how does lucas go? excited to see episode 24 but sad too.