Tyra Banks vs. Paulina Porizkova: The Claws Are Out!

Tyra Banks vs. Paulina Porizkova: The Claws Are Out!-photo

Now that she's been tossed off the judging panel of America's Next Top Model, Paulina Porizkova apparently feels free to lash out at her former employer, Tyra Banks.

The former model has taken to Access Hollywood's The Billy Bush Show to clear the air and dish some dirt on the atmosphere on the popular show, particularly as it pertains to Banks' chronic tardiness.

"I must admit I was having a little bit of an issue with Tyra being late for every judging," Porizkova reveals. “It’s six hours later and I feel like I am being told my time is not as valuable as hers. They pointed out that I should shut up and be grateful for the job and that Tyra is really busy."

Porizkova adds, "I think that my little hissy fits about ‘Well, we are all here on time. Why can’t [Banks]?’ didn’t go over all that well."

As for whether the fact that she was the only female on the judging panel ever became an issue, Porizkova says no—because Banks wasn't really concerned about anybody but herself.

"I don’t think that in Tyra’s universe that’s even a consideration. I don’t think she cares,” Paulina theorizes. "I’m not even sure she was aware that I existed way out there in Siberia, much like I am not sure she knew [former ANTM judge] Twiggy existed."


Ball's in your court, Tyra. Don't be late to the game.

Have your say in the comments section: Is Paulina telling the truth about Tyra, or is this all sour grapes?



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  • Heena

    Say WHAT? You encourage peploe to sit around and PRAY for things to get better? Seriously, are you americans capable of being any denser? Name ONE TIME that praying has accomplished anything!!!Your prayers are unheard, there is no god.You have been brainwashed since birth to believe there is, to keep you sheep from going nuts, thinking about the fact that there will be no oasis for your dry, rotting faces.Please, realize that religion is just another way to keep you dumb n numb

  • steve

    Well, some things they say aren't all true. But I can just clearly see from ANTM that Tyra is one person who has alot of attitude and is really strong of a character. I really do believe she has some issues going on with all her past judges like Janice, Twiggy and paulina. I think she needs to be a little considerate

  • NANA

    I used to love Tyra because I thought she is a nice person supportive...even sometimes when I heard Gossips I still love her and prevent her from being judged but now...I don't know.. I like her before in any ANTM seasons but when I saw some of her shows e.g about teenage desperate to get mariage or asian eyes plastic surgery,,,and when I saw her got interveiwed by ABC ..you know what I suddenly lost faith in her ... because in her show she would do anything to bring tension to the interviewees that s not nice at all you know? you brought shame to people ...you even destroyed their life! I wasn't impressive although she made her show interesting but that works for her and she got rated. If you see her got interviewed...She won't tell a thing and even got angrier to the interviewer when she was asked some difficult questions..... It was obvious that she got really mad. .... If it were before Tyra...I would defense you against those haters But now...I do think you truely deserve it..you knw... I am not sided with paulina or any one... I am just an Asian girl who used to be your fan but to see what you have become right now it's really dissapointing tyra... Take care

  • Sue in NY
    Sue in NY

    It's absolutely a fact that excessive/chronic/continual sustained tardiness is a sign of selfishness and not caring about others people's time. To me, that spells out narcissism. I was a huge fan of Tyra's initially, but after watching her for about a season and a half, it became evident she is so only about herself it's really quite pathetic. Anytime anyone speaks about themselves, she turns it into a story about herself and she truly believes that is empathy, or feeling connected to a person. IT'S NOT TYRA!! That's called making everything about yourself! But she won't ever see that.....she can't or won't ever do that self evaluation. It's too scary. Joel McHale on "The Soup" has her nailed to a T!!!! T for Tyra...I will bet Tyra is thinking....lmao!

  • Johanna

    I agree that I've lost some love for Tyra over the years with every new season of Top Model. I'd even take Janice over her, because at least Janice is honest about what she is--Tyra glosses herself up as this nice mentor-like figure when everything she does is angled at making herself look good.

  • Jessica

    A true professional values and respects the time of their associates. That's business. Not making people wait all of the time. That's ugly!

  • FeFe

    Oh hush up Paulina....you better be glad Tyra gave you a chance to get your name out there. Nobody knew who you were. And so what if it's all about Tyra. IT'S HER SHOW! She's crazy busy, so of course she's going to be late. Try being a business woman and handle 2 shows and see how early you arrive to things... give me a break Paulina (such a cry baby). Love Top Model and I sure as hell won't stop watching it for ignorant judge comments

  • Its Me
    Its Me

    Tyra is absoulutely superficial I used to watch her talk show all the time now I can't stand her she's soooo fake.

  • taylor.massacre

    no kidding tyras all to herself i mean am i the only one thats ever noticed that every little thing she does or says she always has a picture of her self for it? its hella rediculous. btw tyra will neva be like oprahhh, oprah actually cares about ppl other than herself

  • Chanelle

    My friend has actually met Tyra, and she said she signed her autograph book and gave her a hug and was overall really nice. I never really liked Paulina since she told Anya she looked "stupid" in her CoverGirl shoot. Paulina is mad at her employer for being late?? Really?? Maybe if she had something else going for her besides Top Model she would know what it means to be busy...

  • lucy

    Duh!!!!! Tyra is all about herself! Even the freaking show is about herself now...I agree with you, she wants to be Oprah so hard...she won't be able to though...fake drama QUEEN!

  • lame

    tyra banks is a hasbeen joke. i unfortunately fell into the trap of watching her show and every topic was brought back to something about herself. you are no longer important, tyra banks. you will never even be within 12 leagues of oprah