Tyra Banks vs. Paulina Porizkova: The Claws Are Out!

Now that she’s been tossed off the judging panel of America’s Next Top Model, Paulina Porizkova apparently feels free to lash out at her former employer, Tyra Banks.

The former model has taken to Access Hollywood’s The Billy Bush Show to clear the air and dish some dirt on the atmosphere on the popular show, particularly as it pertains to Banks’ chronic tardiness.

“I must admit I was having a little bit of an issue with Tyra being late for every judging,” Porizkova reveals. “It’s six hours later and I feel like I am being told my time is not as valuable as hers. They pointed out that I should shut up and be grateful for the job and that Tyra is really busy.”

Porizkova adds, “I think that my little hissy fits about ‘Well, we are all here on time. Why can’t [Banks]?’ didn’t go over all that well.”

As for whether the fact that she was the only female on the judging panel ever became an issue, Porizkova says no—because Banks wasn’t really concerned about anybody but herself.

“I don’t think that in Tyra’s universe that’s even a consideration. I don’t think she cares,” Paulina theorizes. “I’m not even sure she was aware that I existed way out there in Siberia, much like I am not sure she knew [former ANTM judge] Twiggy existed.”


Ball’s in your court, Tyra. Don’t be late to the game.

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