Miley Cyrus Is Jettin', Y'all

Miley Cyrus Is Jettin', Y'all-photo

Miley Cyrus could use a little rest and relaxation.

Aside from her myriad professional obligations, she's also dealing with the legal pressures that have resulted from a certain unfortunate photo opportunity.

So it's not surprising that the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star took advantage of the sun and surf on Wednesday while hanging out with the family on an island in the Bahamas. Check out Miley ripping up the waves on a jet-ski—not too bad, considering she's usually not seen riding anything more powerful than a bicycle.

The well-deserved time-out occurred prior to Cyrus' concert on Saturday at the Atlantis Resort and Casino, as part of the Atlantis Live! concert series. And Wednesday wasn't just any day at the beach—it was also the birthday of Miley's mom Tish.

There really are worse ways that one could spend one's birthday.



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  • Miley's Biggest Fan EVER!!!!!
    Miley's Biggest Fan EVER!!!!!

    Oh My Miley! She looks so cute. I love her! I wish I was there on a jet-ski! Lol.

  • smiley

    doesn't she know that jet-ski causes pollution on the sea? and she seems to be ecologist =S

  • moneymom

    Mega-cute Miley!!!

  • trent

    she's looks hot i would love to see her in a real bikini unfotunatley she's with her family and not alone in a real bikini shame

  • javi

    she look's good in that bikini but she need's to get some tats like her dad maybe a small guitar on her arm or the tats the rock got on the arms something a singer would have.