Star Trek's Chris Hemsworth Is Cast as Thor

Star Trek's Chris Hemsworth Is Cast as Thor-photo

Chris Hemsorth is about to get hammered, y'all.

Deadline Hollywood reports that the 25-year-old Australian actor—currently on the big screen as George Kirk in Star Trek—has landed the title role in Kenneth Branaugh's big-screen adaptation of the Marvel comic book Thor.

The movie, about a Viking god of thunder who wields a magic hammer, is set for a June 17, 2011 release.

This is a big career week for Hemsworth, who was also reportedly cast in the lead for the upcoming remake of the 1984 Patrick Swayze classic Red Dawn.

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Hemsworth will make a good Thor?



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  • Dauda Isa
    Dauda Isa

    Even Marvel Studios noted Triple H was a good choice for the role of Thor (again take note).

  • Dauda Isa
    Dauda Isa

    You what? ask any body who reads marvel comics and they will tell you characters like thor and captain america are very huge men (especialy thor) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get it right. TRIPLE H (WWE) IS THE ONLY MAN FOR THIS ROLE. Me and my brother have been talking about this for years. Triple H has been grooming himself (unknowingly) for years to welder the hammer of thor for years (HOLLYWOOD TAKE NOTE)

  • andries price
    andries price

    chris hemsworth will play good thor chris hemsworth is the mighty thor on thor and the avengres so i like him on ster trek he playing the might thor christpher hemsworth is the thor i like you chris hemsworth i like you when you playing as the thor so he will play the thor on the thor and the avengres. thor comes out in 2011 see ya chris hemsworth rocks as the thor he the man im a thor fan and the marvel fan.

  • attalal

    GEORGE kirk? What happened to James T. ? George Kirk is James T's father. Pretty easily lost aren't you?

  • mumsey

    oops, my bad. Going to see it today so I didn't know and don't want to know until I let it all unfold.

  • mumsey

    GEORGE kirk? What happened to James T. ?

  • holly

    Good luck to him. The beginning of the star trek film is awesome.

  • triplehgirl

    dude i know they want a young hottie for thor, which this guy isn't for me. but i think that you wanted a REAL thor, for a real thor people need to take a look a WWE pro-wrestler TRIPLE H. again i know young thor but triple h would make the perfect thor. in choosening a young thor with this guy it doesn't fo it for me.

  • Rb

    He is such a cutie! Saw him in home and away, acting wasn't great but so so fit!

  • Niu

    Hard to know yet, having seen so little screentime of him. But I just Branagh, if he's good enough for him, he's good enough for me!

  • zahadum

    I think this guy could do anything. After that opening scene in Star Trek, he should get a license to print his own paychecks. Branaugh is know for high quality projects, Shakespeare and such, so I trust he chose Hemsworth to give some down to earth believeability to an over the top character like Thor. Hmmm, I wonder if Kirk Sr and Jr, look alikes and fine actors both, will find themselves competing for the same roles?