VIDEO: Joss Stone Gets the Royal Treatment on The Tudors

Celebuzz / May 16, 2009

Songbird Joss Stone makes her debut as Anne of Cleves on The Tudors on Sunday, but you don’t have to wait until then to catch a sneak preview:

Stone tells People magazine that playing King Henry VIII’s fourth wife did present some challenges.

“[T]he thing about Anne of Cleves is, she was not supposed to be attractive,” Stone, 22, notes. “Anne, let’s be honest, was described as quite frumpy and ugly. But hey, I did it! I did my best! They had no problem making me ugly. Lots of makeup!”

Stone does, however, add, “I enjoyed wearing the dresses.”

Sure. And they no doubt provided a lot more coverage than her everyday wardrobe.

Stone’s two-episode appearance as Anne of Cleeves runs through May 24.