Lindsay Lohan, Fashion Visionary

Lindsay Lohan, Fashion Visionary-photo

Lindsay Lohan's acting career may be on the bounce-back, but she could still use some help in the wardrobe department.

The Just My Luck actress and tabloid fixture was out in Sherman Oaks, California, on Saturday, shopping with her li'l sis Ali at the stores along Ventura Boulevard.

For the retail outing, Lindsay wore...well, we're not quite sure what that is. Maybe the home invader who recently paid a visit to Linds' place stole her sense of style while he was there?

Then again, we wonder why Lohan bothers with clothes at all these days. As skinny as she is lately, a wet-nap or two would probably do the job in covering her up.



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  • Christina Viering
    Christina Viering

    Looks like her friend works out.

  • olessia

    NOT okey... ugly

  • chinyy

    She's back on career,heard that she's changed,she's young but done lot great work and so stressful, wish her excellent moments-journey, she's talented and gifted(from God);trust she'll do the best then become "Queen" again; nothing is impossible for the hard work human. From her skinny we see and can feel the deep relationship they'd and sad after break up with Sam; that's why people hope they'll come back together again; how hard is it to build up the close friendship (as we knew they've go through grow up together when Lindsay in problems).Run forward ! Lot supports from us!

  • susan b
    susan b

    she never went anywhere. shes gunna rock this movie

  • jen

    oh wow cut the girl some slack she's been a train wreck for years we should expect this no doubt she's in walmart duds and ali's got the hand-me downs have you heard about either one of them doing well career wise? With all the blow linds has got to be doing to keep that bean pole figure its garaunteed to cut into her yearly wardrobe budget and god knows she was taking care of Sams habbit poor girls gotta be busted window shop is probably all she can do for quite some time.

  • nikki

    Why do they say she's shoppping she NEVER has any bags in her hands She's just window shopping so you think shes out shopping Just look at her Wal-Mart outfit and ali wears all her old clothes She's completely looking for attention with no bra on and in a white see threw shirt,no one in there right mind would go shopping or out of there nhouse ndressed like this,these two girls need dire help!!!