Miley Cyrus Rocks Her Bikini, Y'all

Miley Cyrus Rocks Her Bikini, Y'all-photo

Miley Cyrus continued her invasion of the Bahamian shores on Saturday, lighting out on a banana boat in a pink and black, mix-and-match bikini before rocking the house at the Atlantis Resort and Casino on Saturday night.

Somewhere out there, there must be a gal wearing a pink bikini top and black bikini bottoms to even out the equation, but you know what? She probably doesn't wear it nearly as well as Miley does.

Have your say in the comments section: Can Miley Cyrus rock a bikini, or what?



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  • vinaelomina

    Gawd! she's SEXY!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Want to touch the heinie...curse these draconian laws. And yes, Mr. Chris Hansen, I know you are from Dateline NBC, and no, I would NOT like to take a seat right over there.

  • E

    I think she has a pretty nice body..sorta reminds me of mine, but I'm 22. Hopefully, she won't become chunkier in the coming years. she's perfect as is.

  • noah

    [quote=Pop Warner]I'd hit that until it changed species. What if it changed into a cooler species, like a half-female half-unicorn hybrid?

  • Pop Warner
    Pop Warner

    I'd hit that until it changed species.

  • javi

    wow if she look's like that at 16 imagine at 21 or older you got to love southern girls.

  • Toya

    You go girl you look so hot and sexy. You sizzle forget about all the haters. Your awesome Miley and you rock. God Bless.

  • paigey

    she rocked it she is the bestiesz everRR she KnoWS hoW to HAvE a GooD tIMme:_)i love miley cyrus dont listen to the mean things people say it all jellous nothing more:)justed keep doing whta u do best justed be miley~~~~~~

  • Ryan

    Why is is that she always looks as though someone dropped a smelly bomb?

  • anonymous



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